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You will be introduced to a top real estate professional. As a thank you for using the program, RealHomeRewards offers a bonus* of $650 to $7,200 after you close.

How it Works

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Be introduced to a local real estate agent from one of the most recognized brands in real estate.

Receive a bonus* of $650 to $7,200 after you close on your home with the assigned real estate agent.

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Wherever you're moving, you'll get access to best in class real estate support!

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RealHomeRewards offers you a bonus* when you buy and/or sell a home with the recommended agent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, your RealHomeRewards Coordinator will happily explain the program details without any obligation.

Yes, there is no cost to sign up!

No, there are no hidden costs! When you buy or sell a home through our program, the real estate company splits their commission with us. This commission split is a common practice in the real estate industry and is used to increase business for the broker and provide a savings to home buyers and sellers.

You will be contacted by phone within one business day.

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